Wings Over Water Seaplane Training, South St. Paul, MN

Flying an aircraft on floats is an incredibly fun experience that will hone your skills as a pilot and open up a whole new world of flying. More than almost any other type of flying, seaplanes require true stick and rudder skills and a good feel for the airplane.

Mary Alverson
Super Cub on floats
Super Cub on floats

In a seaplane you'll fly lower and slower than you're probably used to while going places and seeing sights that landplane pilots can only dream about.

Wings Over Water was started to help your dreams come true, while providing top-notch instruction to help you become a safe and proficient seaplane pilot.

Conveniently located in St. Paul, Minnesota, we have quick access to the great Mississippi River, scores of local lakes for training purposes and are a beautiful flight away from Minnesota's north country with its thousands of lakes, deep pine forests and spectacular scenery.

Our airplane is a Piper PA-18 Super Cub on straight floats. This is the classic bush airplane. Rugged, reliable and fun to fly, Super Cubs have been earning their keep on wheels, floats and skis for 50 years in some of the most demanding terrain on earth.

Our lovingly restored Super Cub leads a more sedate life training pilots and taking trips on quiet, calm mornings under the tender care of Wings Over Water's founder Mary Alverson.

Mary is a commercial pilot and flight instructor in both single and multi-engine land and single-engine sea planes. She has more than 3,000 hours of experience as an instructor and is a Cirrus Standardized Instructor as well, providing technically advanced instruction in Cirrus aircraft.

Her first love remains seaplane flying and flying with Mary is a chance to experience her care and commitment to your success as well as share her enthusiasm for the beauty and challenge of flying an airplane on floats.

If you are a pilot looking to add a Single-Engine Sea to your private, commercial or ATP certificate our hourly training may work out well given the demands of jobs, schedules and home life. We also offer multi-day packages that combine training with unique flying experiences and make for a perfect, and unforgettable, vacation.