Our Super Cub
Cessna 172 Amphib

We have two awesome airplanes to choose from.

Our 1969 Piper Super Cub started it's career in Alaska before being purchased and shipped to Minnesota, where it spent several years in a garage.

It was then purchased by Jim Ayotte, who along with Don Loughrea lovingly restored it to the fine condition it is in today.

The Super Cub is the ultimate bush airplane and a fantastic float aircraft. It is simply a classic and fun to fly. N4434Z has a 160HP Lycoming engine, sits atop Wipline straight floats and cruises at a sedate 90 m.p.h.

Fitted with floats, N4434Z weights 1,303 pounds and has maximum gross weight of 2,000 pounds, leaving a useful load of 697 pounds. It can carry up to 36 gallons (216 pounds) of fuel, leaving a full-fuel payload of 481 pounds. You can download an Excel spreadsheet for calculating the weight and balance here.

The latest addition to our offerings is N1489E, a 1978 Cessna 172 on brand-new Wipline amphibious floats.

The amphibs make "89Echo" a perfect aircraft to add commercial sea plane privileges to your ticket or to simply gain experience with some of the operational and handling characteristics of amphibious floats.